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George Anene

Principal Investigator

George was a research fellow in Foo-Lab and published so many good papers he had to move to Montreal, Canada to start his own lab. We still collaborate and have shared interests.

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Ana Vujic

Principal Investigator

Ana did her PhD in Foo-Lab in Cambridge and now has her own research group investigating metabolism, mitochondria and the heart.

Oliver Worsley and Albert Dashi

Cofounders of Sequential

Oliver and Albert completed their PhD in Foo-Lab while becoming interested in entrepreneurism leading them to start Sequential Skin. 

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David Klinzing

CTO Next Level Genomics

Ex Foo-Lab member, David's wealth of experience in science and love for entrepreneurship led him to get Next Level Genomics off the ground. Offering numerous services in genomics

Ah-Jung Jeon

Senior Bioinformatician at MiRXES

Ah-Jung was based in Foo-Lab whilst working for leading oncologist Prof Pierce Chow leading to some interesting papers on liver cancer epigenomics. Everyone respects AJ as a dedicated and serious scientist. No surprise she landed a top job at one o Singapore's leading biotech companies.

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Emma Louise Robinson

Research Instructor and Lecturer at the University of Colorado, United States.

AHA BCVS Early career committee member. iScience Associate Editor. Emma was a PhD student with Roger initially and has been a close collaborator ever since. 

Wilson Tan Lek Wen

Senior Bioinformatian at Natera

Wilson was a bit of a legend contributing to numerous projects and publications, dabbling in wet lab but primarily analyzing data sets generated by Foo Lab and collaborators turning genomics and transcriptomics data into biological insights. He was a lead author and project driver for epigenomics studies published in Circulation Research and Circulation. After a post-doc at Standford he moved to industry with Natera


Benson Lim

Senior Science and Technology Advisor 10x Genomics

Benson worked on epigenomics and NGS based molecular projects and published studies highlighting the functions and therapeutic potential of circular RNAs in the heart, winning several awards for his work in the process.

Now Benson is charting a career path in industry putting his technological expertise to push science currently at 10x Genomics.

Lim Choon Kiat

Group Leader | Cell line & media development | Cellular Agriculture | Cultivated Seafood |

CK completed his PhD in Foo Lab working on enhancing transdifferentiation of cardiac fibroblast to cardiomyocytes. His paper in the JMCC was selected as Editor's choice.

Now CK is Group Leader at Umami Bioworks (formerly Umami Meats), part of Singapore's exciting landscape of biotech startups and cellular agriculture ventures.

(At the lab sports day CK did a plank for about 10 minutes - how ah?) 

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