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Impactful scientific discoveries through world-class research

Research Overview

At Foo Lab, our mission is to achieve impactful scientific discoveries through world-class research. We are a cardiac centric lab involved in clinical and basic science research into heart failure.

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The main interest of the Foo Lab is in the molecular mechanisms that regulate cardiac biology and disease; particularly genomic, transcriptomic and epigenomic patterns. Previously we have utilized single cell RNA-sequencing to identify cardiomyocyte subpopulations that transition to immature dedifferentiated cell states during Heart Failure and to characterize novel deregulated RNAs such as circular or long non-coding RNAs.

Another key interest is to understand genetic variation that influences disease risk and biology particularly in relation to South East Asia. We have mapped out the global cardiac enhancer - promoter landscape, and identified genetic variants that influence inter-individual variation through cis regulatory activity.

The lab also takes special effort to adopt, implement and optimize new technologies which are fundamental to evolving our understanding of biology and disease. Recent examples including moving into spatial RNA-sequencing, developing RNA sensors and carrying out functional genomic screens using CRISPR based tools. Other established technologies that we rely heavily upon including embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells, as well as refined methodologies for primary cell cultures, in vivo surgical models and AAV-based gene therapy approaches.

In addition to all things molecular and cardiac research, the Foo Lab is passionate and committed to training young scientists and clinician-scientists, inspiring knowledge and challenging people. Last but not least, Foo Lab has also begun to participate in population health initiatives and outreach, such as through the Queenstown Health District*, to promote a Heart Healthy Singapore.

Stay-tuned for upcoming updates, publications and opportunities to work with us.

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