Designation: Senior Research Fellow

  • Soong Poh Loong (PL)

    Soong Poh Loong (PL)

    Soong Poh Loong (PL) is an experienced human stem cell scientist and translational cardiac tissue engineer. As a member of the ISSCR,  European Society for Cardiology and the German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK), PL’s research interest lies in human stem cell-based disease modelling, regeneration and repair of the diseased heart.

  • Lee Siggens

    Lee Siggens

    Lee is British and did his undergraduate degree in Food and Human Nutrition at Newcastle University. He then moved to Cambridge University and enrolled in a Welcome Trust 4-year MPhil/PhD scholarship at the Institute of Metabolic Science and Department of Medicine (Cardiovascular division). He then moved to Stockholm for his postdoctoral research at the Karolinska…