Designation: PhD Student

  • Yang Hu

    Yang Hu

    Hi, I’m Yang, a PhD student who joined the lab in August 2022. I majored in pharmacy during my undergraduate studies, and during my Master’s degree, my main subject was spatial single-cell transcriptomics. Currently, my research focuses on investigating therapeutic strategies to reduce cardiac valve calcification, as well as exploring potential targets in cardiac aging…

  • Xu Zhihan

    Xu Zhihan

    Hi, I’m Zhihan, a PhD student working in the Foo lab since January 2023. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from China Pharmaceutical University and my Master’s degree in Pharmacology from UCL. My research focuses on cardiac aging and my current project is the validation and optimization of an RNA editing technology in…

  • Ryan Fan

    Ryan Fan

    I’m Ryan, a PhD student working in Foo Lab! My research interest is in epigenetic regulation of cardiac developmental processes. In my free time, I like to read and do wildlife photography.

  • Michelle Mak

    Michelle Mak

    I am a graduate from the National University of Singapore in 2016 with a BSc in Chemistry. After working on antibody drugs for 4 years in industry, I am back at school as a PhD student in the Foo Lab, where I am currently working on a project to improve the specificity and efficacy of…

  • Weirui Zhang

    Weirui Zhang

    Weirui is a graduate from Zhejiang University and joined Foo lab in 2019. She’s now working on epigenetics, trying to adapt existing methods to study enhancer activity to the human genome and cardiomyocytes. Weirui loves 70s rock bands and has a crazy sweet tooth.