Designation: Clinical Research Coordinator

  • Nur Natasha Amiera

    Nur Natasha Amiera

    I am a Research Assistant for the esteemed Foo-lab, actively contributing to various research projects. My commitment to scientific inquiry and attention to detail enables me to play a crucial role in furthering the lab’s research endeavors. Additionally, I am also a Clinical Research Coordinator, dedicated to advancing the field of cardiovascular-metabolic disease research as…

  • Steffi Lim

    Steffi Lim

    Hey there! I am a clinical research coordinator under National University Hospital (NUH) Cardiology department, and also a research assistant in NUS Cardiovascular-Metabolic Disease Translational Research Programme in Foo Lab. With a background in the pharmaceutical industry and organic chemistry, I have built an interest in drug screening and pharmaceutical development in cardiotoxicity. Aside from…

  • Gwen Low

    Gwen Low

    Gwen is a graduate of Monash University with a BSc majoring in Biochemistry. She joined the lab in Feb 2022 as a Clinical Research Coordinator for projects involving Cardiometabolic Diseases. She is driven by her desire to improve patient care and to help people. Outside of work, you will find her out playing sports, taking…