Nur Natasha Amiera

Clinical Research Coordinator, Research Assistant

I am a Research Assistant for the esteemed Foo-lab, actively contributing to various research projects. My commitment to scientific inquiry and attention to detail enables me to play a crucial role in furthering the lab’s research endeavors.

Additionally, I am also a Clinical Research Coordinator, dedicated to advancing the field of cardiovascular-metabolic disease research as part of NUS Cardiovascular-Metabolic Disease Translational Research Programme. My primary focus revolves around the PICMAN study, and I anticipate numerous other research opportunities to be entrusted to me in the near future.

Together, my roles as a Clinical Research Coordinator and Research Assistant reflect my unwavering passion for scientific discovery and the pursuit of knowledge in the realm of cardiovascular-metabolic diseases. I look forward to making valuable contributions to the scientific community and driving breakthroughs in this vital field.