Ng Shi Ling

Research Assistant

Hello! I am Shi Ling. I have been a research assistant in Foo-lab since 2015; that will be 8 years and counting. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Science (Biomedical science major) from the University of Western Australia.
My main expertise in the lab is Histology which involves processing, sectioning and staining of tissue samples. Prior to joining Foo-Lab, I was in a Histopathology lab at a local hospital for 5 years. Other than Histology, I am also the group’s lab safety lead and has prepared the lab for audits, safety checks and documentation submissions. Since 2022 onwards, I took up the role of procurement and invoice payment duties and, I have been working closely with my lab manager Louis to run the lab – managing lab consumables bulk purchases, maintenance of lab equipment and other (numerous) day-to-day functionality of the lab. Throughout the years, I enjoyed learning and gaining new lab technique such as molecular work, tissue culture and clinical work. It is always inspiring to explore exciting science and its results with driven and passionate Post-docs/PhD students/fellow colleagues.
When I’m not in the lab, I would either be in Bangkok-Thailand or in the kitchen trying new recipes or on my sofa reading an e-book with a cup of coffee. In the near future, I would also be cuddling with my little one.