Mick Lee

Research Fellow

Mick is a Research Fellow at NUS Cardiovascular Research Institute. He completed his PhD in 2022 with the Foo Lab under the Kwan Im Thong Hood Tho graduate research scholarship. Being trained in both the dry and wet lab, his work has contributed to many of our lab’s seminal works on cardiac enhancers (Tan et al, 2019. Circulation Research; Anene-Nzelu et al, 2020 circulation; Anene-Nzelu et al, 2021. Nature Cardiology Review).

His research interest lies in studying the underlying genetic and epigenetic mechanisms underpinning cardiac development and disease. Through the use of cutting edge technology and functional genomics such as CRISPR screens, human 2D and 3D iPSC-derived models, and multiOMICs technology, his aim is to gain insights into the gene regulatory mechanisms and network underlying cardiac function.