Anh Tuan Luu Danh

Research Associate

I am the small animal surgeon, have joined Foo Lab since June, 2013. I have performed TAC (>4000 cases), MI ( >400 cases) and MIR (50 cases) surgeries for mouse model. Beside that, I also do other surgeries as neonatal apical resection, neonatal MI, minipump implantation….I have been trained TAC and MI surgeries (2013, Wang Yibin ‘lab at UCLA, USA), neonatal apical resection and neonatal MI surgeries (2018, Hesham Sadek’lab at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Texas, USA). I am also doing mouse husbandry for over 20 mouse strains of our lab. I hope I can help our scientific research comunity for in vivo study.